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Mentida, or guilty pleasure, is Jillian’s polarizing new brand that embodies how many wine lovers enjoy a delicious bottle of wine. These are wines that you don’t have to swirl and discuss, no wine notes needed or wine snobbery. No contemplating the soil profile of the vineyard, the weather that year, or the type of barrel used, just pure unrefined pleasure in each bottle. Dawn your mask and indulge in Mentida, your newest guilty pleasure.

Jillian is considered the Wine Doctor of Napa, a technical consultant for many winemakers in the valley. Her work has her in cellars all day long, deciphering wines and working to improve flavor and texture. At the end of a long day, she does not want to talk about wine, she just wants to enjoy a healthy pour with her family and friends. This is her Mentida!

Mentida wines will be blends of different varieties, allowing her more technical side of winemaking to shine and show off her master blending skills she has developed in her 18 years of winemaking. The Mentida wines will express a bolder side of Jillian’s winemaking talents with more robust and explosive fruit flavors.


Educated at the University of Missouri, Yuri found an opportunity to experience the wine industry from an insiders point of view. Working for a prominent international cooperage, Cooperages 1912, he was exposed to a variety of winemaking styles across the west coast. Once he relocated to Napa Valley from the Midwest, his real love of wine flourished. Today, his day to day tasks involve tasting wines aged in different barrel profiles (French and American oak and special toasting methods), working with winemakers to fine tune the nuances of oak flavors. He soon found himself being asked by his old college friends, “what is the best wine out there and what should I drink?” Two decades of working with winemakers on cooperage preferences, definitely makes Yuri an expert on rock star winemakers and the kickass wines they are producing.

In 2013, Yuri was introduced to Jillian and immediately fell in love with her winemaking style and her charming smile. The two joined forces and are devoted to a life of wine, love, adventure and family. Yuri is Jillian’s rock and her biggest promoter for taking on new challenges. Born in Panama and fluent in Spanish, it was Yuri that championed the name of the brand, Mentida. As the Mentida Advocate, Yuri handles all business support negotiations.


The son of a contractor, it was perhaps only natural that Grady would spend a bit of his professional life in the construction industry. He’s built parks in San Francisco, worked on the pier that the USS Missouri is moored at and put in the giant sewer line that AT&T Park hooks into. After being hired to construct the wine caves at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars he segued into the wine business and went on to manage prominent Napa Valley properties, including Quinetssa. Now Grady is tasked with the building the Mentida community.

For distribution information or to get Mentida into your establishment, contact Grady at